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The Peoples Cooperative Store is a Clay City Tile building. Built in 1922, it’s currently for sale for more that $1 million. Rumors of its demolition are circulating. The west wall (FEEF Mural) is buckling and I hear on the street the building can’t be saved. I’m no engineer, but someone who should take a look at it. Hopefully, they will discover that the stucco is just a false front. The stucco was added later using wood strapping and wire. Water may have gotten behind the stucco, but the load-bearing made of Clay City Tile wall behind it may be fine. Of course, I’m not the property owner. I’m just a historian who wants the building preserved.

Clay City Tile Guy

That’s what a few people have called me over the years. I started my research in 2007. Once completed, and placed in a few public library collections, I gave a few presentations. I gave talks at Fairhope and Daphne Public Library. I even gave a presentation as part of the Fairhope Single Tax Lecture Series in 2006. It’s available on the Fairhope Single Tax Online Archives’ YouTube channel.